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Al Dana Computer Tech & It Solutions company that providing Social Media, feasibility studies and complete solution for all management, administration, accounting, and maintenance, all types of Hardware etc., for schools, HR Management, Law Firm and legal department, companies, hotels, hospitals and different industries which run on local networks and internet. Our products have built a substantial market presence with more than 300 clients. AL DANA Software, our own product brand name, remains unique in the industry, offering innovative and user friendly client based application software for windows and web application. With the simple and easy designed program and system delivered, the company had preserved its trust and confidence to its customers having the company as choice of solution. The company is designed to give effective and efficient solution with an assurance of much organized and profitable environment with their application usage. We believe that with our domain expertise and re- sources, plus our aim for continuous innovation. Exploring endless possibilities to provide better services to our end users, there is no doubt that together, we could achieve great opportunities for success in the future.

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The company was established in 1997 inSharjah City, UAE.The main target at that moment was developing software for specific sectors. During that period the software sector in the UAE was under monopolization with ready-made software applications from foreign companies. It was an incentive to start the product operation and capture the market as a proof of success by a company with local base. We initiated our operations in the field by introducing an application for the educational institutions, particularly schools in the GCC countries. The software which handled the school administration for students, administration. Finance, performance etc., was indeed a great advantage for the educational institutions which were handling huge volumes of data either manually or using office applications. With the approval of ministry of education, it did not take long having vast number of schools opting to have our application, for which the number of the clients became over our expectation. This success prompted us to further develop the system with much more options and facilities like library, clinic, email, SMS etc. As of now, we have about 200 schools, and more . than 500 clients dealing with various applications from real estate, accounting, administration control, Law firm, Beauty Salon, Real Estate, insurance & clinic software to name a few and still thedemand for our solution continuously grow. The increase of demand for our software had resulted with the requirement of expanding our manpower, resulting to acquire more expert programmer with vast field of experience to cater the needs of ourvalued clients. Moreover, the support staff ishired todealwith anyprogramming language to boost customer service and technical engineers are present any time for service satisfaction.

Is to strive hard for the highest level of quality, customer care and it’s our commitment to empower every business in the best way that we can through simple and powerful system.

Is simple to make technology an asset for business for us it’s not a problem. We believe in making our complex, fast- changing world a simpler, more inspiring place to live, work and grow. We see ourselves as the specials and the best of change’ and, like all perfect digitals tech, we design a wide variety of projects.

Integrate management of all your office activities. We develop your dream. We work with a number of industries ranging from technology, to more. Our clients are our partners and our priority. We translate our knowledge of business and modern technologies into value for our customers through our professional IT solutions and services as Social Media; CCTV surveillance and security and more services. We have a firm belief in aligning your IT with your business needs. We acknowledge that every business is unique and therefore has distinctive technical and business requirements. This means that we take special care in understanding your business process and systems in order to tailor solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies to cater for your unique needs.

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We look for creativity wherever we can to create marvelous imaginary thoughts and mix it with our art work to deliver it spectacularly different to reach your satisfaction.

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